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A Missionary Childhood in Haiti

When Apricot Irving was six years old, her parents moved their family from the California desert to a missionary compound in Haiti. The Gospel of Trees is her honest, ruminative account of the years she spent in a place she describes as a “splendid, complicated, troubling, maddening, beautiful country.” Through diary entries – hers and those of… Continue reading A Missionary Childhood in Haiti


Mary Gauthier Sings of Trouble and Love

Since 1997, Americana singer-songwriter Mary Gauthier has been making forlorn, lovely, and fiercely personal music that mines her difficult life experiences. These include her struggles as a young orphan and her battles with drug and alcohol abuse. Gauthier’s latest, Trouble and Love, continues this soul-baring tradition with a focus on the devastating end of a… Continue reading Mary Gauthier Sings of Trouble and Love


Poetry review: Lorna Crozier’s Small Mechanics

As kids my sisters and I used ice-cubed apple juice and clothespins to make popsicles we hoped to sell by the road. At first we had no real method of cracking the pins in two. Eventually, though, we learned to gently pull their backs apart and slide the wooden portions free from the grip of… Continue reading Poetry review: Lorna Crozier’s Small Mechanics