Dave Harrity’s Making Manifest

Making_Manifest_Cover_1024x1024Are you a writer daunted by the task of daily creative practice? Dave Harrity’s Making Manifest is a 28-day devotional/craft book designed to revitalize your artistic routine and “awaken and renew [your] faith in the power of the Incarnation.” Harrity, a poet himself, invites you to prayerfully reflect on Scripture, mine your personal experiences, and observe the sensory world around you—all the while using  your own words to respond to prompts and exercises. He makes it clear that every piece of writing is meant to be an access point to inspiration, not an instantly publishable work—which should comfort those who are especially intimidated by writing poetry.

Harrity’s voice is encouraging yet tenacious; he knows that artists often need firm coaching to keep going. Writers from all disciplines will surely appreciate the chance to “more fully enter the deep world of words” through this dynamic, Kingdom-focused journey of contemplation and creativity.

You can learn more about Making Manifest and watch a video trailer for it here.

1 thought on “Dave Harrity’s Making Manifest”

  1. This sounds excellent. I liked watching the video clip as well. “We are poetry,” I think is what he said. Nice thought on a somewhat rainy Friday when I have yet to write a word.

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