Better Food for a Better World by Erin McGraw

430000_536119586026_1721832690_nHow do you change the world for the better? In Erin McGraw’s latest novel, Better Food for a Better World, three offbeat young couples believe the answer lies in ice cream—at least in part. These ice cream shop co-owners also put great stock in vocational gifts and artful entertainment, from classical concerts to circus contortionist acts. Loving marital relationships are another healthy element of life they crave, as seen in their membership in an often-awkward couples support group.

The reader is unlikely to be surprised when tensions arise among these entangled pairs. Yet this is a far from a predictable read. These complicated characters hunger for the good and true—for what one character calls “the real thing.” They will frustrate you as they chase rightness in the wrong ways. They will also charm you as they painfully change themselves for the better. Thanks to McGraw’s superb ear for sharply funny dialogue, they will even make you laugh.

You can read an interview with Erin McGraw over at Slant books. And here’s a wonderful video interview:

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