6 thoughts on “Wise words, Thomas Stearns”

    1. Welcome! Funny you should ask, as I’ve lately been wondering if I should make the leap from short stories to a novel. But yes, right now only short stories. We’ll see what happens….

  1. I love Eliot. Have you ever seen Makoto Fujimura’s series on the four quartets? Fromone writer to another, check it out. Just google Makoto Fujimura Four Quartets.

    1. I love Fujimura’s work. Greg Wolfe, editor of Image Journal (and director of the grad program I attended) actually just shared that he recently wrote a brief foreword to a project called “Qu4tets.” He says it “is both a book, an exhibition, and a commissioned work of music featuring, among others, the art of Makoto Fujimura and Bruce Herman. All inspired by T.S. Eliot’s ‘Four Quartets.'” Very much looking forward to seeing this project come together.

      Anyway, always grateful for recommendations–especially from one writer to another. Thanks for your comment!

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