Whispering Along a Thin Trembling Thread

“What if we writers are able to tell stories of hurt and joy only because something in us is dulled enough to look them full in the face?

What a mission we might have then, to introduce the truth of brokenness and redemption to our brothers and sisters terrified to hear it. We’d have to whisper our little truths of moans and water pools in hopes that our stories would turn others back to their own hidden stories, thereby sparking that blessed epiphany we readers have experienced and which keeps us coming back to the writers we love, the epiphany that can be summed up in this way:

Yes, I have felt this too, and I see you have felt it, and so I am not alone.”

— Tony Woodlief, in his brave and beautiful post on the Image blog today

5 thoughts on “Whispering Along a Thin Trembling Thread”

  1. I agree with Tony Woodlief’s conclusions about the epiphanies we share, but I think he contradicts himself in the opening quote. To me it is precisely the writers whose hurt & joy shine raw through their vulnerability (‘Whispering Along a Thin Trembling Thread’) that have the greatest impact, and give courage to others to share their own ‘moans’ and ‘hopes’. It is not that they are ‘dulled enough’ that they are able to look them in the face, but that they have the courage to look them in the face, and so give us the courage to do the same! I attach a link to a fine example from a poem by fellow South African Adam Small, prejudiced against by Apartheid, and yet somehow breathing forgiveness through his hurt, still raw with pain! http://micknailspoetry.wordpress.com/2012/05/16/theres-something-adam-small/

  2. Thanks for pointing me to this post and blog! I love the imagery of the trembling thread.

  3. I LOVED this post on Good Letters. I wrote that last line down in my journal and have been thinking about it ever since.

  4. Hi Adele, thank you for visiting my site! A lot of labour and a lot of love has gone into your blog… always gives me hope to ‘meet’ people at work like this… God bless you:)

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