My recent writing on reading

Realized today that my recent online pieces all speak to the joy and guidance that literature has been in my life. I am so grateful for the brilliant and beautiful work of authors out there, from local writers to classic spiritual thinkers to the novelists I read in my youth. Here’s some of my recent writing on reading:

LitLive author Maria Mendl.

A ThinkChristian post on how reading about atrocity can help cultivate empathy (inspired by Matthew White’s fascinating work, The Great Big Book of Horrible Things.)

A reflection for Duke Divinity‘s Faith and Leadership blog about being led in my vocational journey by the works of Catholic thinkers Jean Vanier, Ronald Rolheiser, and Henri Nouwen.

A Hamilton Arts Council review of a local reading event, LitLive, during which six established authors shared their work (warning: a couple dorky Superbowl puns, as it was held on February 5….and I couldn’t resist!)

1 thought on “My recent writing on reading”

  1. I haved loved Henri Nouwen with all my soul. Truly a compassionate voice that inspires me to be just as I am. I will check out some of your other recommendations!

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